Phone Support

Today’s Internet customer expects nothing less than fast, detailed, and efficient responses to a wide variety of service issues from product questions, sales questions, and post-sales follow up help. And today’s business environment is so fiercely competitive that customer loyalty can slip through your fingers before you even know what’s happened. This means customer e-mails have a shelf life measured not in days, but in hours or even minutes! A backlog of customer e-mails (even of a day or two!) is a liability you can’t ever afford. Prompt, professional responses are crucial to reaching your sales goals. Let ServTru create swift, efficient, caring responses to your customers inquiries. Our personal touch builds rapport with customers and secures their loyalty.

We strive in delivering a delightful customer support experience for your customer and work hard to provide "damage control" for your organization.

What can you get from ServTru customer support?

ServTruIcon Issue Resolution
ServTruIcon Phone messages returned once per day
ServTruIcon US based customer care professionals
ServTruIcon Part-time professionals or a dedicated team for you
ServTruIcon Excellent telephone etiquette
ServTruIcon We will ensure a delightful customer support experience for every one of your customers.
ServTruIcon We build conversations with your customers that will help them feel good about the call.
ServTruIcon Personalized customer support scripts
ServTruIcon Staff thoroughly trained in your product or service
ServTruIcon Your business hours coverage or 24/7
ServTruIcon Concurrent calls in a single number